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Hightech Startup

Hello, we are STTech

We are a high-tech startup based in Grünwald, located close to the Bavarian digital highway test field A9. Our unique team has decades of experience in research and product development, specifically in AI and autonomous systems. Our goal is to use this knowledge to help you make that step from cutting-edge research to market ready, future-proof products. We aim to turn the latest AI research into real-world applications. The exponential improvement in perception and cognition technologies in recent years is only the beginning. Smart and connected products will become more and more dominant. We provide the innovation to ensure that your products will have a leading position in the AI-revolution. The pace of information exchange is continually accelerating – just being fast is not fast enough where innovation is concerned. The companies who are able to effectively industrialize the development of autonomous systems, will have key positions in future markets. We enable you to be one of these companies, by providing better methods, tools and technologies and solutions.

Core values

Our culture


We solve new problems that cannot be solved with old technology alone. We invent what we need to enable business automation in all domains. Innovative processes, tools and methods make us faster and improve our results, which allows us to then solve more complex problems. Innovation is the opposite of stagnation. We are always moving towards the next solution. Embracing innovation also requires a healthy “error” culture. We learn from mistakes, and these learnings help us with future tasks. We do not want to rest on past achievements; we want to build upon previous knowledge to go further than what was possible before. We stay innovative by keeping up to date with scientific breakthroughs and contributing to them with our own work. We are always prepared to optimize our decisions and processes based on newly acquired information. We try new things and are willing to experiment. We are actively curious and celebrate new ideas.


Because we often work on the core solutions that enable new business models, we are aware of our responsibility for the success of our cooperation projects. To fulfill our responsibilities, it is important for us to create the working conditions that empower us and to develop a deep understanding of our project and domain requirements. We have a long, proven track record of successful developments and cooperations that we have achieved by fully committing to our cooperations as a team.


Working on new solutions requires the courage to try new things and incrementally learn from the process to achieve the desired outcome. Our long experience as a team in STTech and beyond gives us the confidence to attempt these difficult challenges and the right intuition to solve them effectively. We have been working with our colleagues, friends and partners for a long time and know how to break down complex problems into handleable parts. The passion for working on new puzzles also gives us the courage to solve them.

Who we are

Meet our team

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Gereon Hinz

Managing Director and Shareholder

Gereon Hinz is a cyberneticist, founder and CEO of STTech GmbH. Gereon Hinz has a long track record in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. He has served as an invited conference chair, speaker, and workshop leader for various AI and standardization conferences. Gereon Hinz has published scientific papers in autonomous driving, connectivity, intelligent infrastructure, medical AI, recommender, monitoring and energy systems. He has been holding an autonomous driving lecture series at the TUM since 2014.

Prof. Dr. habil. Alois Knoll


Prof. Dr. habil. Alois Knoll, head of the Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Systems at the TU Munich. Prof. Knoll has published more than 1100 scientific papers and has participated in a large number of major national and international scientific projects. He was co-founder of the state research institute fortiss, member of the steering committee of the Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems, visiting professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU (Singapore) and Chief Digital Officer at Siemens Mobility Intelligent Traffic Systems.

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Be part of us

Join our team

We are a diverse, ambitious team with a great passion for automisation, AI mathematics and informatics. Our office is located in one of the coolest, most vibrant places in Europe. We enjoy working in a team, celebrating successes together, barbecues and a variety of other events. If you are looking for a new challenge where you can make a difference from day one, check out our open positions and apply today!