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The future of automation

Hyperauto­mation for your Business

Automation is the central driving force for future competitive business models. Automation is imperative due to the pressure to deliver 24/7 peak performance at lightning speed with unlimited scalability -despite limited personnel capacities. In the vast majority of cases, the question is not whether the task should be automated, but how fast we can automate it. With the technological breakthroughs of recent years, even challenging business cases can now be automated. This has been demonstrated in numerous fields, such as mobile robots, self-driving cars, medical recommendation systems or automation systems for insurance companies. We have had the unique opportunity to participate in research and series developments in all these domains and have used them to study the processes. Based on our automation and integration know-how, we keep pushing the limits of industrialization of the automation process. Simply put, hyperautomation is the automation of automation. For us, this means enabling new business cases quickly, reliably and sustainably. If you have business cases that you think should be automated, let's do it together.

Products & Services

Our process

How we work

Your Business Case – The Starting Point

You have a business case that would benefit enormously from automation. We analyze it together and refine the automation goals in the context of the market environment and technology. We include the latest results from cutting-edge research in our considerations so that you benefit maximally.

Our Know-How

Our unique team has decades of experience in research and product development, particularly in AI and autonomous systems. Our goal is to leverage this knowledge to help you make the leap from cutting-edge research to market-ready, future-proof products. Our goal is to translate the latest AI research into real-world applications. We provide the innovation to put your products at the forefront of the AI revolution. In this step, we jointly define the roadmap for implementing the automation solution.

Tailor-made AI Solutions

We combine our expertise in software, AI, architecture design and autonomous systems with your specific expertise to achieve the selected goals. Depending on your requirements, we achieve this through consulting, training, innovation projects, prototype design and product development.

Be part of us

Join our team

We are a diverse, ambitious team with a great passion for automisation, AI mathematics and informatics. Our office is located in one of the coolest, most vibrant places in Europe. We enjoy working in a team, celebrating successes together, barbecues and a variety of other events. If you are looking for a new challenge where you can make a difference from day one, check out our open positions and apply today!